Chuck Yeager Aviation Day

International celebration

Chuck Yeager Aviation Day is an annual event dedicated to commemorating the life and legacy of Chuck Yeager, the legendary pilot who made history as the first person to break the sound barrier. This day serves as a platform to honor Yeager's extraordinary achievements and inspire youth to explore the world of aviation. Through engaging activities, educational workshops, and inspiring speeches, Chuck Yeager Aviation Day aims to instill a passion for flight and innovation among young people, fostering a new generation of dreamers and trailblazers in aerospace.

Chuck Yeager Aviation Day celebrates Chuck Yeager's pioneering achievements in aviation, inspiring youth to explore flight through engaging activities and educational workshops. It promotes values like courage and determination, aiming to cultivate the next generation of aerospace leaders and innovators.

  • Celebrate the life and legacy of Chuck Yeager, highlighting his pioneering achievements in aviation history.
  • Honor Yeager's groundbreaking feat as the first pilot to break the sound barrier.
  • Provide engaging activities, educational workshops, and inspiring speeches to instill a passion for flight and innovation.
  • Inspire the next generation of dreamers and trailblazers in aerospace technology and exploration.
  • Promote values such as courage, determination, and exploration, embodied by Chuck Yeager, among aspiring pilots and aerospace enthusiasts.

A Note from Victoria

February 13, 2023 - Chuck Yeager's 100th Birthday International Celebration

Victoria (Mrs. Chuck Yeager), the US Air Force, William Shatner ("Star Trek") and many others are inviting you to help celebrate America's hero, General Chuck Yeager's 100th birthday on February 13, 2023. It's easy:

You can be part of the 1st Annual International Great General Chuck Yeager Fly In & Aviation Day Celebrating General Yeager's 100th Birthday.

Brookings, OR: Feb 13, 2023 4 PM Pilots giving kids their first flight.

WV Locally: Feb 13, 2023 10:30 AM Marshall University's Bill Noe Flight School will be presenting a three plane formation fly by at Yeager Airport. Best viewing from top of the garage or FBO. Mrs. Chuck Yeager will be present, flying at 9:30 AM.

Around the world:

I hope you'll participate! It's easy and fun! Wherever you are, go fly, do something aviation related such as visit an airport, airport cafe, aviation museum, fly a kite, or simply look up to the skies and honor General Chuck Yeager.

Then please post photos of your personal tribute/flight on social media with hashtag #GREATCHUCKYEAGERFLYIN #ChuckYeagerflyin #ChuckYeagerCentennial.

Please spread the word.

Next year, we may have prizes for the best photos or certificates or get aviation museums and airports to have special events around the world or free entrance or....

I'm told the aviation community needs to get more kids involved or we'll have a pilot shortage in 10-15 years. So maybe we have an international Young Eagles event on that day, too - take kids flying.

Any and all ideas are welcome!

Victoria Yeager